Saturday, April 19, 2008

First Bouquet of the Spring!

My rose bushes are doing so well! They are loaded with flowers. I spent some time out in the yard the other day dead-heading the spent blooms and cutting a few for this bouquet. Last year I was so busy with wedding plans and travel plans that I don't think I ever cut a single bouquet, and I know that I didn't care for my roses like I should have. They have not held last year's neglect against me, for they are rewarding me with their gorgeous blooms now. I am inspired, and I hope to spend more time in the garden this spring and summer rejuvenating it and enjoying some relaxing moments out there, too.

Speaking of gardens...

There is a garden tour taking place in the Orange County area the weekend of May 3 & 4. My sister's garden is on the tour, as it should be. She has such a lovely garden. For those of you who live in the area and love gardening, you can learn more by going to Heard's Garden Tour. It's a fundraiser, and the monies raised go to some really good causes that benefit people in need in the county. I'll be enjoying the tour that weekend with my aunt and my mom and some of my mom's good friends. I'm sure I'll be truly inspired to make more of my garden after seeing the gardens on the tour.

The picture you see before the bouquet was sent to us by Michelle a few months ago. Thanks again, Michelle!


PIPO said...

How beautiful! I envy the ability to nurture flowers.

Kudo said...

I bet the smell as good as they look. I can't grow roses up here just too harsh. Looing foward to gardening soon too.

Yes, Minister... said...

Oh how I wish I had beautiful roses! I dream - try in vain - and then try again! Yours are simply beautiful - just like you!

ladybug hugs,

fuzzandfuzzlet said...

Oh hush.... we are waiting for a snow storm. I am so jealous of those of you experiencing real spring weather.

Michelle said...

I miss my roses. We had one in the ground in front of our last apartment, but when we moved they ripped it out before we could save it. :( Since then I have tried growing them in containers, with not much luck. Any tips?

P.S. You're welcome for the picture, although no thanks is necessary, as I did receive your lovely thank you note in the mail shortly after I sent it.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful roses & picture!
Next time you're in the UK we'll have to go to Wisley Gardens, simply spectacular!

Mob said...

Don't listen to Paulette, we CAN grown roses up here in Tahoe, they just have to be hardy ones. I have about 20 bushes in my garden up here at 6500 ft altitude.
Just to give you an example of the difference in yours and my climate, yesterday I pruned my roses, I won't see any blooms until July.
Yours are beautiful. The red/white striped one looks like one called Sentimental that I used to have It has a wonderful fragrance.