Friday, March 14, 2008

This & That

Conference Week is over! Well, sort of. I've got two conferences scheduled for next Wednesday. One of them is with Mrs. LBH. She's being a bit of a pain again, so I'm stressed out a little. I just wish she'd go away. She will on June 13th, but I wish she would go away sooner!

Over all, my conferences went well, but I'm discouraged by some of these people and their parenting skills. Some of them are so hardcore and their kids can't achieve high enough to satisfy them, while others are apathetic to their kids' academic progress (or lack thereof). The differences in attitudes are rather extreme. I've just about had it after this year, and I've been fantasizing about other careers. But that isn't going to happen. I'm too invested in the career I've got. So, I've asked to change grade levels next year instead. Hopefully, my request will be granted.

The perfect pillow turned out to be from Macy's. It's their Charter Club Down Surround Feather/Down Pillow. I went with the firm support which is supposed to be designed for side sleepers. That's me! I spent one awful night on a temperpedic pillow. It was so hard and it radiated all my body heat so that I had a sweaty head and neck. It was terribly expensive, and thankfully I was able to return it with no hassle.

Shelley made some great suggestions in her comment about my husband's snoring after my last post. I've always been concerned about his snoring, and I believe he has sleep apnea. We'll be seeing our physician in two weeks so we can discuss it further with her, but here's my (his?) problem. Michael is so stubborn about seeing the doctor and making lifestyle changes to prevent and/or treat conditions. How do I as his wife make sure he takes care of himself without mothering him or being a nag? I'm hoping you long-time married ladies can leave me a comment with some sage advice!

Anyway, since his blood work indicated his cholesterol is high (we're not sure how high just yet - we've got to see the doctor to find out), I have been able to get him to walk with me almost daily lately, and we're cooking healthier meals. I picked up a copy of The Sonoma Diet cookbook and we've cooked several of the recipes in the last couple of weeks. The menus in that cookbook are low in fat and high in fiber, and they have been so flavorful. I highly recommend it.

That's it for now. I hope your weekend gets off to a great start!


eggrolls and chopsticks said...

Tell him in your kindest voice when you are snuggled all together that you love being married to him and that you can't wait to be an old old couple who have been married for fifty years.
Explain how much you love him and how important it is to you that he take very good care of himself so that he will be around forever to take of you and your children.
Since Jacob became a daddy his whole perspective on taking care of himself has changed....and all for the better.

FYI. I hated the temperpedic pillow too. We also bought the bed but it was rock hard and hot, we returned it after 3 weeks. We now have such a soft bed it is like sleeping on air. That was the best part of coming home this time! Well that and baby Rose of course.

Two Kayaks said...

Health is important, but so is maintaining your status as wife and not mother. I understand your dilemma.
If this were my issue (and we have been married for 12 years and have faced some of the hardest issues with regard to health) I would look him in the eye and say, "I want you to be around for a very long time and it would make me feel so much more at peace if you would...*insert request here*". Make it about you and not about him and he may accept it more readily.
Good luck! I know it isn't easy, but you are now partners and are responsible for one another. He will see the light.

Michelle said...

Not sure if 10 years qualifies me as a long-married, but here's my $0.02...

If he doesn't want to talk about this issue as a potential health problem for him, then do as I did and make it about you and your health. The only thing that finally got through to my sweet, loud-snoring husband was when I explained how my loss of sleep was starting to affect my ability to function as a mother and a teacher. Letting him know you are being affected by something that CAN be addressed medically might be an approach he perceives to be less motherly.

My husband insisted for YEARS that he was not suffering any ill effects from his snoring. Amazingly, he came home after his sleep study and raved about how well-rested he felt, and for the first time in ages he did not fall asleep in the afternoon upon returning home from work. One night with the CPAP getting real, deep, uninterrupted sleep made a huge difference, and he was sold.

I feel your pain, believe me! I hope you can work through this in a way that makes you both happy.

OH MY #6 said...

Cool, I am going to check those pillows out next time I am cross border.

I say no matter how diplomatic you are at time we area ALL seen as nags or mothers!


PIPO said...

Enjoy your weekend!

I'm the last one to give man-advice ;0) Best of luck changing old habits over time.

Michelle said...

Dying to know which grade level you're looking at! I hear there's a pending retirement in the grade below that where you're looking?

If you decide you REALLY want out of teaching, I have a job for you in AZ!

Shannon said...

Your school year has been exhausting. Hoping your transfer request goes through. I just put in a transfer school form. Just burned out. I plan to post on it one day. Hugs to you.