Friday, March 28, 2008

I Miss Him Already!

This morning my sweet husband embarked on his latest tour. After a quick weekend appearance in Atlantic City, he'll be jetting over to Europe for most of the month of April. They'll be playing in several German cities, Paris, Helsinki, Belgrade, Amsterdam, Moscow, Vienna, and Malaga, Spain.

I'm sure he'll have a great time - he loves to travel - but I'm going to miss him so much.

So, I need to keep myself busy while he's away. Going back to the war zone, oh, I mean work, will help pass the time. For the weekends, I've signed up for a knitting class that starts tomorrow at this beautiful, new knitting shop in the neighborhood. I'm finally going to learn how to knit! I'm so excited about that.

I'm also committed to losing five pounds while he's gone. So, I'll continue walking and watch my diet. I might even try some yoga classes at the gym.

I've got lots of books to read (including my ongoing bible study), three more episodes of The Tudors to watch on DVD before the new season begins (we ordered Showtime just for The Tudors!), and I'm going through his dresser, armoire, and closets again. He's got so much stuff that he never wears. It's time to purge! He'll never even notice that it's gone. I won't take it to the Goodwill - I'll let him do that - but I will bag it all up and get it out of the house. I don't believe in keeping clothing for sentimental purposes, but my husband does. Consequently, he never gets rid of anything. How can one feel sentimental towards a pair of ratty, old socks? Answer me that!


OH MY #6 said...

Well, as exciting as it sounds all the traveling that is sad that you are a part for that length of time. You sound as if you have the right attitude though.

I am pretty new to reading your BLOG and am not sure just what you DH does.


Joannah said...

Lea, my husband is a professional musician. He plays guitar. When he travels, he is working for a former teen idol (1950s) whose initials are P.A.


M3 said...

Joannah, sounds like you have tons to keep you busy. It's always hard when your husband is traveling. If you run out of things to do, how about a quick trip to come visit all your friends up north. :-)

Two Kayaks said...

Sorry that your sweetie is away and that you are by your lonesome. It sucks when that side of the bed is empty. Good thing you have such a comfy one to keep you sleeping soundly.
Good luck with what you have planned. I have a way to make you lose 7 pounds, but I'm thinking you wouldn't want to endure it just yet. LOL

OziMum said...

hehehe! I pull stuff out of my hubs closet - he never notices!

Good luck with the knitting! I tried it when I was younger... it's not something I'm good at... so I just buy now!!!

Sandra said...

Good luck while hubby is away. Keeping busy will be good. I am not good at knitting; I am a crocheter.

wzgirl said...

Yoga is a very good thing. I am glad that you are embracing that as a form of "moving through" what is going on with your newly married life, Joannah. I hope for the very best - for you and for your hubs.

Big love to you. xo

Mob said...

I need to ask this because I've been wondering about it for a while.What type of music band is your hubby in?
Sounds like you've got a lot of neat stuff lined up to fill the time. I'd love to learn to knit.

Mob said...

P.S. I guess I should have read the prior comments. Now I just have to think of who is P.A.

Kristin said...

ugh... my husband hangs on to everything... he must have a squillion t-shirts... I usually toss one or two a month... he never notices!

Alyson & Ford said...

You are too funny! We do need to purge out clothes we never wear - why do we hang onto them? (frugal and figure we will wear them "someday"?).

Our kids are trying to break in the professional music world. Our SIL is a professional jazz guitar player (and we must say he has to be one of the best - top 100 in the nation - but how do you get him noticed?). You can check out our daughter singing (mostly for fun and very small gigs) at:

Enjoy your time alone, I hope amazing things come to you in your quiet times, accomplish great things, your goals will be a challenge, but you will be successful!!
Have a great week!
Alyson LID 01/27/06