Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Ash Wednesday

I'm happy to report that today's meeting (mentioned in last night's post) was very productive. Mr. Dad was on time (that's huge in my book!!!), very polite, non-confrontational, and he obviously had his child's best interest at heart. There was no finger pointing at me. He wanted to know how he could better help his child prepare for tests. He did take more time than I think was necessary - 45 minutes - but the outcome was worth it. I think he now knows that I'm not unkind or unreasonable (regardless of what his wife might think of me), and that his son has some work habits he needs to change in order to improve his grades. Whew! I'm happy that's done and over with.

I'm also happy because I booked our reservation in Waimanalo last night. Here's a general view of the street on which our rental is located.

Our place will be across the street from the beach front properties. Not bad! There's easy beach access nearby and five miles of uncrowded, sandy beach to enjoy. Oh, I can hardly wait! I'm all about VRBO now. I found that great house on Kauai where I stayed with my family last summer, and I'm hopeful that this place will be a good one too. You can rent vacation homes, condos, and apartments all over the world through that site. Very cool!

And, today is Ash Wednesday. I'm not Catholic, but I think the tradition of observing Lent is a great idea. I've been thinking on how I could observe Lent in my own Protestant way this year, and I've decided that instead of giving something up like a lot of people seem to do, that I would commit myself to a daily time of Bible study and prayer. As much as I know I need to do those things on a daily basis, I find that I let the busyness of life get in the way. So, I'm committing to this on a daily basis from now until Easter.

Do you observe Lent? And, if so, how will you observe it this year?


Two Kayaks said...

I ministered the ashes in our high school this morning. It was so great to see our school of 1000 students and staff of over 70 walking around with ashes all day. I usually do something during Lent rather than give up something. Not sure what I will do, but I'm thinking about random acts of kindness.
Glad to know that your meeting went well. :)

Michelle said...

I observe Lent. My pastor did a great sermon on the meaning of Lent and how it's not about giving something up, but about making sacrifices and trying to be more like Jesus. A lot of people will give up some kind of food for Lent, and he emphasized the fact that it isn't about what you put into your mouth, but more about what comes out. You should try to be kinder to people, not talk behind other's backs, and generally just try to be a better person. That always stuck with me and that's what I try to focus on during this season of Lent. Glad your meeting went well.

Oh, and I sent you something in the mail, so look for it in the next couple of days!

Mob said...

That is great that at least the Dad has some tact, sounds like he made up for the rotton wife.
The vacation house looks like it will be a perfect location.
I like your idea about committing daily time to reading more of my Bible

Kayce said...

I too observe lent. I'm not "giving up" anything this year, but doing kind of what you are doing. Check out what I posted today.

I'm still way jealous about your trip! Just promise me you'll go to Boots and Kimos for breakfast!!

Glad the dad wasn't like his wife. You DO NOT deserve that!

Shelley said...

Good for that Dad. At least there's one level-headed adult in that family. I hope it produces some results for you and the student.

Envy. That's what I'm feeling about your vacation plans.

Not really a Lent observer but think its a nice idea, and a good time to cleanse. Especially after 2 (or 3 in our case) months of festivities.

Princess Diaries said...

I'm so excited you are going to Waimanalo! That's where my Mom grew up and my grandparents home still is. Sadly it is unoccupied since their passing. I have such fond memorie of a child there.