Saturday, January 12, 2008

Weekend Plans

We've got a busy weekend planned here at Casa Labrador. Michael is doing a little electrical work this morning in preparation for our new fiber optic internet connection later today. My email address will be changing once that installation is done, so be looking for an email from me to you with the new address. I'll change the email link here on Blogger, too.

So, while Michael handles the technical aspects of today's tasks, I'm going to be doing this:

I think I'll only be able to get the roses in the front yard done this weekend, and I'll try to do the backyard next weekend. It's not a favorite task of mine, but once done I'll get to enjoy lots of these come spring:

Tonight we're planning to meet Michael's parents for dinner at Mel's Drive-in. I've been to a Mel's in San Francisco, but I've never known them to be a Southern California establishment before. However, one just opened in a neighboring city. Michael's step-dad had mentioned that he was excited about trying it out, and I told him it wasn't too far from us and to let us know when they were going and we'd join them. So, tonight's the night. I haven't said much about my in-laws on the blog, but they are such sweet people. Michael's mom was divorced with seven children already when she met Tony. He was smitten with her, but she told him she was busy raising and providing for all those kids, and if he wasn't serious to forget about it. He was serious. He married her and became a wonderful father to Michael and all his brothers and sisters. Michael has a lot of respect for Tony, and he calls him Dad.

Michael is working tomorrow, and then we're going to my sister's for dinner to celebrate Rebecca's sixteenth birthday - again. We started celebrating with our lunch at the tea salon. Her birthday was Thursday, and she's got special plans today with her friends. I told my sister that Rebecca really is Sweet Sixteen. She has such a sweet nature, is multi-talented, and an excellent student. We are all so very proud of her. It's been a delight watching her grow into a young woman.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Mob said...

I know this sounds weird, but I actually like pruning roses. I used to work at a gardening nursery and was known as "The rose lady". I used to go to peoples homes and prune their roses. One time the lady had 250 roses, that was a lot of work. The long sleeve leather gloves are great. Have fun at Mels.

OziMum said...

Sounds like fun!

i-Con said...

What a great weekend you have in the works.

Thanks for sending me your new contact...I have you all updated!

Lisa and Tate said...

Love the roses.... This just reminds me of how neglected my yard, especially the Mesa backyard has been. Spring is coming and the snow will be melting.... time to pull out the seed catalogs and get planning some landscaping.... Mesa-proof.