Sunday, November 4, 2007

One Week To Go!

Now the forecast predicts a 40% chance of rain next Sunday. I'm not freaking out, yet, but I'm concerned. My sweetie assures me that it won't rain. ***UPDATE*** It's now just three hours since I first posted this, and the forecast calls for just a 20% chance of rain. I'm feeling better!

We had the best day yesterday! We started out at the farmers market where we picked up a huge bag of oranges for juicing. I love a fresh glass of OJ in the morning!

Then, we drove back up to the jewelry district in LA to purchase my wedding band. We decided on a very delicate band with pave-set diamonds. I love pave! It compliments my engagement ring very nicely. The jeweler needed to size it for me (I'm a dainty size 8), and they needed at least an hour-and-a-half to do so. Instead of taking our car out of the parking garage in Pershing Square, we decided to take the Metro up to Chinatown for a little dim sum. We then realized that we should have taken the Metro all the way from Long Beach to downtown LA. We just aren't used to public transportation around here. When you want to go somewhere, you get in the car. Know what I mean?

Anyway, the Chinatown in LA is nothing like the one in SF. It's kind of sad, actually. There are a few thriving businesses and restaurants, but so much of it is rather shabby. We did find a good dim sum place and enjoyed a late lunch before going back for the ring.

Then last night, Michael signed my parents and me into Disneyland. He was playing with the swing band in Carnation Gardens. Before we went to see the band, we checked out the Haunted Mansion which is still all decked out in the Nightmare Before Christmas theme. It was delightful! After that, we rode Pirates of the Caribbean. I hadn't seen it since it had been renovated and since they'd added Jack Sparrow to the pirates. We had a mediocre dinner at the French Market. Disney does a lot of things really well, but food isn't one of them...

We finally made it over to see the band. On Saturday nights, lots of annual pass holders come out to swing dance to the various big bands that play there. My dad tried to teach me a few steps, but I'm afraid I'm hopeless - two left feet. Then, the band leader announced that Michael was getting married and he was going to let him step down off the stage and have a dance with me! The band played At Last, and we stumbled through it, but we really enjoyed being out there together. Lots of people in the crowd congratulated us. It was a moment!

When Michael got a longer break, we found a good spot in front of the castle and watched one amazing fireworks show. I worked at Disneyland in the 1980s, and I've seen lots of fireworks shows over there, but this was something else. The castle is the backdrop for the show. There are lasers. Fireworks are shot off all around, not from just behind the castle. The music is great. It was a beautiful production.

So, yesterday was busy and lots of fun. Today we are planning on going to the races at Santa Anita with Michael's mom. I'm tempted to stay home and do laundry, grocery shopping, and wedding related tasks (nothing major), but then I think this is a special time and perhaps we should just go and have more fun together.


i-Con said...

Beautiful! You are keeping up with everything so well...almost there :0)

At least the optimistic way is to think that rain on your wedding day IS thought to be good luck. Still so, I wish you luck in all other ways.

wzgirl said...

It was supposed to thunderstorm on Monday last week. Nope, never happened - maybe a weensy wee sprinkle late in the day. You'llllllll be fine!! (wink)

Sandra said...

It was supposed to SNOW on my wedding day and it ended up being a beautiful day....

Even if it does rain, it will be a fabulous day :-)

Kathy and Joel said...

Go ahead and have fun! These are the moments that memories are made from. :)
Happy one week to go!

Kristin said...

1 week to exciting!!

Tammy said...

What beautiful memories you are making. It's lovely how much you are appreciating every moment - it's so easy to stress over the wedding planning.

Isn't it exciting knowing that your wedding day is so near that you are able to watch the forecast! Your day will be perfect!

Ladybug Hugs 4 U said...

I will be praying for all the rain to be in GA next weekend! LOL - we need it and you don't :D What fun and special times you are having ~ I would be just like you, tempted to stay home and play catch up. I hope that you didn't and went with Michael and his mom!

Ladybug hugs,

BTW - did you ever get the little package I sent you? I hope that you liked it :D

A Special Family said...

What a beautiful day!
Wish I was a size 8 ;)

The firewords look wonderful, in fact your description of the evening made it sound so very real!

One week, wow ee! Can you believe it?

Just keep saying
"rain rain go away, come again another day"

Kayce said...

Ohhhh if it rains doesn't that mean you'll be blessed with many children!!?!!

Wow one more week! ENJOY ENJOY ENJOY!

Shelley said...

Oh, I agree Joannah. Laundry can wait. Enjoy this special once-in-a-lifetime moment of your life. You'll never regret it.

What a great day you had. Thanks for sharing.


redmaryjanes said...

Wow, you really are having the time of your life. What a romance! I can't believe just one more week.

AprilMay said...

I am so excited for you!! It will be a perfect day!

Princess Diaries said...

Sounds magical!

Andrew & Stephanie said...

I'm so excited for you! You truly seem to be on top of things! ...and here, we are hearing NO rain! I hope it is true for you in So. Cal as well!! sounds like you two had a fabo time together & with your parents! You make me miss LA & Long Beach!!!

A Special Family said...

Hope these last few days are stress free!!

Remember that video ;)