Thursday, October 25, 2007

Shower Recap

Yesterday's shower was so much fun. It was held at the home of one of my fellow teachers who is always up for hosting a bridal or baby shower. Bless her heart! Upon arrival, I was poured a glass of champagne and given the royal treatment. My mom and my sister were there, too, and mom took the pictures.

First gift, and it's a good one from my mom and dad - a Cuisinart food processor!

Oh, my! What's this?

Well, yes... It does seem to fit. Where's the matching top though?

My sister and me. She's busily making a bouquet with all the ribbons for the rehearsal dinner. We're not having a rehearsal, so I'm not sure it will get much use.

My coworkers were so excited for me, and they were just so generous. We received many items from our registries, including a Cuisinart blender, two sets of flannel sheets, and a chip and dip set. The back of my SUV was packed when everything was loaded in. Then I got to go home and have just as much fun showing Michael all our new goodies.


redmaryjanes said... many ribbons did you break???
Love the Holiday thong!! And how brave of you to model it for us.
You are such a beauty, I can't wait to see the wedding photos.

Donna said...

looks like fun!



Jen said...

What fun! You are glowing!

wzgirl said...

Liveitup!! Good times Ms. Bride2Be!!

Doris & Dan said...

What a lovely shower! You def deserve to be spoiled.

Keep smilin!

Shelley said...

How fun! So glad you had a wonderful time. And what great friends you have.

Stephanie said...

oh, looks like fun!

i-Con said...

Somebody looks awfully happy :0) It's contagious just looking at you!

Special K said...

Ahhhh presents. One of my favorite things about getting married. I loved being spoiled with all the gifts. LOL!

Shelley said...

BTW - Love your pom-poms :)

Kudo said...

You look so happy and I know you will look great in pink :)

I got the box of goodies today thank you so much I was so surprised and love everything!

Shannon said...

What fun! You are such a good sport to model your "evening wear"! The ladies above are correct, you glow! Happiness looks lovely on you!

Princess Diaries said...

You look so happy (and beautiful too!)