Friday, October 19, 2007

The Latest

Shiny Goodness is now residing on my ring finger, and she's getting a mate (read: wedding band)! I'm so excited! There's something about wearing a ring on my finger that makes me feel more bride-like, and I'm liking that feeling very much. :-)

Michael's playful comment after we decided on this together, "You sure do get your way a lot."

My wise co-worker's response when I told her what he said (while she admired Shiny Goodness), "Tell him to get used to it!"

Hey, happy bride = happy groom, right?


Tammy said...

Very cool picture with the heart shadow. Did you take it? I like how the words love, loveable and lottery are all in the picture too - cause you hit the lottery in love.

Very sweet post.

Kudo said...

Soon you will never have to take it off a simbol of your love forever. You must be getting so excited. Enjoy every minute

Shelley said...

(Big grin)

Kristen said...

Yay... I'm so glad she is now residing on your finger.. I hope you can get some good photos of her in all that shiny glory!!! Can't wait to see it!