Sunday, September 30, 2007

The New Normal

Yesterday was hard. Buffy seemed aware that something was different. I had left the clothing I'd worn to the pet hospital on the floor of my bedroom, and she returned to it several times in the morning to sniff it. She was also sniffing Taylor's crate a lot. I decided we needed to make a few changes to help us both deal with our loss.

So, Buffy got an appointment at the beauty parlor, and mama went in search of a nice new bed so that Buffy could sleep in the house instead of the patio room. I found a really pretty bed for her at Home Go*ods. When it was time for me to pick her up at PetSm@art, I looked for a new toy for her and found the Orka Jack. What a great toy! It doesn't seem to be something she'll be able to chew apart, and yet it bounces. It was really affordable, too. I had planned on getting her a K*ong toy, but the Orka was several dollars cheaper. It was made in Chin@, however. I hope it's not tainted in anyway. All those recalls, you know? Ack!

Once we got home, she ran into the house and checked every room in the house. I think she was looking for Taylor. So, I quickly introduced her to her new bed and her new toy. I think the distraction the Orka Jack gives her is beneficial. She is so proud of that toy. When she drops it, it bounces, and that gets her very excited. She just loves it! I think I need to get another one so that she can have one in the yard and one inside, too.

I let her sleep in the house, something I rarely let her and Taylor do in the past because Taylor could be very restless at night. Buffy did really well. She got me up just before 4 am for a potty break, but then went back to her bed and slept until I was ready to get up at 6:45. That would never have happened before!

Michael asked me if we're going to get another dog. I told him I wanted to see how Buffy does on her own. She may be "easier" without another dog to compete with. I've had two dogs for the last ten years I've lived on my own. My motivation for doing so was that I was gone all day, and I wanted them to have companionship while I was away. But two dogs are a lot of work, and the expense is double. So, now that I'm no longer a single girl, and since Michael will be home during the day frequently, I think Buffy may do well on her own. Besides, we're hoping to have a baby next year, and puppies need so much attention and training that it wouldn't be fair to any of us to have a baby and a puppy at the same time.

So, the new normal is a one-dog household. One, soon-to-be very spoiled, beautiful yellow Labrador Retriever.

P.S. Mom, doesn't the first picture remind you of Vanilla? Sometimes when I look at Buffy, I "see" Vanilla. Too bad her temperament isn't more like Vanilla's... ;-)


Joannah said...

Thank you all for your love and support during this sad weekend. Your thoughtfulness has bouyed my spirits.

Kathy and Joel said...
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Kathy and Joel said...

It has been a tough year for so many of us who have lost our wonderful fur friends. I wish I could take on this pain for you, I truly do. Joel and I were just talking about Cheetah last night and I told him that I still can't remember her and feel happy about the times we shared. It's been eight months and I still think she may come trotting around the corner at any time.
Just know that we are here for you in whatever way we can be. I hope you can feel the love I am sending your way.

David said...

Hope it continues to get better! I saw that same bed at our H0me G0ods and thought it was great.

Anonymous said...

JM... You know how we have loved all your doggies, Heidi, Vanilla, Colvin, Taylor and even the beautiful and challenging Buffy! You have such a tender heart, you used to bring home every stray dog in the neighborhood when you were a small girl... At your insistence we have stopped traffic on major streets to rescue pairs of dogs running in traffic (in our church clothes!) Oh, my tender-hearted daughter, I wouldn't have you any other way :)
P.S. The 2nd pic of Buffy reminds me more of our dear Vanilla, because she was always smiling!

Love, Mom

i-Con said...

I am so sorry to hear about Taylor. Keep giving those extra loves to Buffy. I'm sad for you having to go through this during what should be such a wonderfully happy time.

Thinking of you!

Michelle said...

Oh, what a sweet dog she is(or looks to be:) It is hard going from a two dog to a one dog household, but as much as I miss my Tess, it IS easier to have only one dog. And a small one at that. We have gone so back and forth about whether we want another dog, and decided that the only reason I wanted one was to fill the void left by Tess. I don't really want another dog, I want Tess back and that wouldn't fair to the new doggie. I'm glad things are looking slightly more normal today, although it does take quite awhile before the pain starts to fade. I'm still waiting. You are in my thoughts.

redmaryjanes said...

Your yellow lab is just beautiful. We have a black lab named Cooper. He is an amazing dog.
I just love the breed.

Shannon said...

Funny that you mentioned wanting the two dogs to have each other while you're at school. I thought the same thing but it seems Bernie would be just fine without her sister! Gracie on the other hand needs the company. Too bad we just can't ask them! =) The bed is very pretty and Buffy looks very pleased with it! Thinking of you.

sea star said...

I'm so sorry about Taylor. I of course, am very partial to anything lab and think your Buffy is the most beautiful lab I've ever seen.

Just playing blog catch up. You've had so many changes and so much going on. Thinking of you.