Wednesday, September 5, 2007

If You Have to Go Away

When I was a younger
I used to dream a lot
Staring into my coffee
About how you'd love me
And write me poetry
And want to be with me, yeah
Well, momma done told me
You might wander far, yeah
But nobody warned me
The road would own your heart

My baby's been on the road too long.

And so I'm saying
If you have to go away
I will be waiting by the phone
And if you have to go away
Ill put your records on
Pretend you're still at home

I don't know what we'd do without the phone or Sky*pe.

Now that I'm older
I sit at home a lot
With the kid we've got, yeah
The radio's playing
He really loves his wife
I hear the d.j. saying
Well momma done told me
You might wander far, oh
As long as you hold me
More than you hold that guitar

He'll be on The Tod@y Show on Friday. It will be the first time I've seen his face in almost two weeks.

I'll keep on saying
If you have to go away
I'll leave your shoes beside the bed
And if you have to go away
I'll want to be with you
I'll be with me instead
If you have to go away
I won't be sleeping very well
But if you have to go away
I'll be loving you
Till its cold in hell

Maybe you'll write me this time
Maybe you'll call on a static line
Saying, "Don't you ever worry your pretty mind
Cause you and me are gonna be fine"

I used to cover this Amy Grant song when I was gigging way back when. Now I'm living the reality of being with a traveling musician. I'm so proud of Michael and that he's able to do what he loves for a living. But I'm so lonesome for him when he's on the road for extended periods of time. I miss how he takes care of me. He takes such good care of me. He cooks for me. He rubs my feet. He makes life a lot of fun.

Hurry home, baby!


Tammy said...

Awwww. Hope your honey comes home soon.

What? The Today Show? You must elaborate. Could he be sharing his talents for all of us to see (um, I mean hear)?

Joannah said...

His boss, P@ul Ank@, will be performing on The Tod@y Show. Look for the cute guitar player in the band. :-)

AprilMay said...

"I miss how he takes care of me. He take such good care of me. He cooks for me. He rubs my feet...."

No fair! I am the one who does these things for MY husband!

Kathy and Joel said...

It cannot be easy, Joannah. Hope he comes home soon. :)

Terri @ In His Hands said...

First of all---very cool that he'll be on the Today Show! I'm sorry you're missing him. Scott travels a lot and I know it's hard. He sounds like such a sweet guy--so happy for you!

Princess Diaries said...

That makes me feel all warm a fuzzy!

redmaryjanes said...

How cool is that? I'll be watching the Today show tomorrow!!!

David said...

Joannah! I hadn't read this blog (and have needed to add it to Bloglines!) when we were sitting here watching the Today show right now...and then they announced P@ul Ank@ and I was like "Joannah's finacee is in is band!" So I ran to your blog and found out he really was! We saw him! How cool!

Kristen said...

I was going to tape it and I forgot :o(... hope it was a good show and I hope he hurries home to his lovely Bride to be!!!!

Tammy said...

Very cool! You must be so proud of your future hubby. Hope your time apart flies.

Michelle said...

I taped it! That is sooooo cool! I think I saw him, but I didn't know who to look for until I read your comment. They kept showing the guts with the trumpets, but not so much the guitar players.

Momma and ZZ said...

Your day is so quickly approaching! Isn't strange how we wait for so long and then "Suddenly!"
A whole new life for you!

Yes, Minister... said...

That is so cool! I wish that I would have know and seen it ~ Shucks!